Thursday, May 28, 2009

Leaving the fine city of Vancouver

Hello. Sorry I have not posted anything recently, but the hotel was charging me $15 a day to use the internet, which was starting to get expensive.

I am at the airport now waiting to board the plane home, so I just thought I would put up a few final thoughts about the conference (I will hopefully be able to upload some more talks and neurosceince related stuff when I get home).
- There seems to be a lot of promising new therapies for the treatment of stroke on the horizon. Between the use of neural stem cells, and the right kind of intensive rehabilitation, it would seem as if you may someday be able to show almost a complete recovery after the brain damage caused by stroke.
- There is more and more evidence that physical exercise is extremely beneficial to the brain. In one of the lectures the speaker talked about how exercise promotes the formation of new neurons, and actually also causes your old neurons to grow and enhance their dendritic arbors, forming new connections (he was showing actual images of neurons from rats that exercised compared to rats that did not).
- Adding "neuro" in front of words to make buzz words, is not necessary.
Anyway, I would add more, but it is time for me to board.
So long for now.


  1. can we still but "nano" in front of words?

  2. I look back with fondness on the times I first learned of the immuno-Western blot, immuno-SDS-PAGE, immuno-sodium chloride......

    The bigger the word, always the better. Especially when the uninitiated are within earshot.

  3. Steve, I'm jealous of your trip to Vancouver. It looks so pretty.

    Shane, I read all those with Kaushik's accent. The other day I was trying to tell someone at work about the time he referenced the Cox-Sackie virus and succeeded in making me pee my pants, but I was laughing too hard to tell the story properly. I don't miss him.